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CUVI is an accelerated ‘Computer Vision & Imaging Software Library’ that leverages many-core hardware of GPUs to add acceleration to your existing vision and imaging applications as well as provides essential functionality to build a solution from scratch. CUVI comes in easy to use, off-the-shelf, modular interface that takes minimal time and developing effort to integrate with your existing applications. CUVI performs magnitudes faster than competing solutions and requires no GPU-programming experience on the part of user.

Lower Cost and Power Footprint

Since CUVI use GPGPUs to provide acceleration compared to legacy CPU-only systems; it reduces costs as well as power factor. Same amount of acceleration can be achieved on a single GPU machine that once required a CPU cluster of 5 or more. Hence CUVI cuts your investment in hardware, its maintenance and power usage while adding same amount of acceleration. We also offers Multi-GPU to scale up the performance figure according to your desire.

CUVI Low Cost and Performance.PNG

Build vs Buy

CUVI eliminates costs associated with building your own GPU imaging algorithms which take time, research, learning curves,development, and worst of all, maintenance and support for newer GPU architectures and frameworks. With CUVI, you don't need to worry about these costs.

Easy Maintenance

GPU architectures keep evolving. With every new release of CUVI, you get support for new GPU architectures, enhanced speed with no change in code.


Simply replace your old imaging functions with CUVI's functions, put your image in CuviImage and your application gets GPU accelerated without the need to learn GPU programming.

Custom Integration

In addition to using CUVI off-the-shelf, we also entertain requests to customize CUVI, tailored to your specific application requirements. This also includes our GPU development services