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You can download the latest version of CUVI from here. If you have a previous installation of CUVI you do not need to remove it as the installers does that automatically. User needs to be registered on the website to see download links and other information but don't worry, the registration process takes only one minute of your time.


The installation process is simple and easy. However if you face difficulty running CUVI you can always open a ticket at CUVI Support.

Windows Installation


  • Latest CUDA drivers from NVIDIA [download]
  • CUDA capable Graphics Card [see list]
  • Windows 7/8 32/64
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (32-bit / 64-bit)
    • You don't need this if you have Visual Studio installed


  • Run the installer file (EXE) and the setup will guide you through the rest of the process
  • If you have a Beta version of CUVI installed on you PC, we recommend you remove it manually from 'Add/Remove' in Control Panel
    • In case you have CUVI 1.0 and above installed, the new installer will automatically remove previous installation
  • The default install location is C:\Program Files\TunaCode\CUVI\vX.X\
    • X.X stand for installed version number. In case of version 1.2 the install path is ..\CUVI\v1.2\
Install CUVI.jpg

Generating License

  • Note: The trial version now doesn't need a license.
  • Click on the link 'Generate License' on the download page
  • Enter your PC's MAC adress. To get your MAC address open command prompt on Windows (Start-> type "cmd" and press enter) and type: getmac and then press enter


  • Click on the generate license button. It will take you back to the download page where you can see the license being generated and available for download under the heading Your Licenses

Download license.PNG

  • Put this license.dat file into you CUVI installation's root folder. Do not rename this file
  • You are now ready to test your CUVI Installation. At this point you will be able to run the examples in the sample folder in CUVI Installation
  • In case CUVI is unable to find the license file, make sure you have an environment variable CUVI_PATH pointing to CUVI's root installation folder

Running CUVI

In CUVI installation folder, go to samples then PreBuiltSamples folder. If you have CUVI and latest NVIDIA driver installed, the samples should run fine.