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Draws a rectangle of specified color on the image.


CuviStatus rectangle(CuviImage& image,
	             const CuviRect& rect,
                     const CuviScalar& color,
                     const CuviStream& stream = CuviStream());


Name Type Description
image CuviImage& Input Image
rect const CuviRect& Region of the image on which to draw the rectangle
color const CuviScalar& Color of the rectangle
stream const CuviStream& GPU stream ID for execution

Image Type Support

Input Output
8uC1 8uC1
8uC3 8uC3


//Read an image from the disk
CuviImage image = cuvi::io::loadImage(path);
//Draw a 100 x 100 rectangle on the image starting from pixel (10,10)
CuviRect rect(10,10,100,100);
//Set the color of the rectangle
CuviScalar redColor(0,0,255);
//Draw the rectangle on the image