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Rotates an image while preserving the rotated image.


CuviStatus rotateNoCrop(const CuviImage& src,
                        CuviImage& dst,
                        const Cuvi32f angle,
                        const CuviStream& stream = CuviStream());


Name Type Description
src const CuviImage& Input image
dst CuviImage& Output image
angle const Cuvi32f Angle of rotation
stream const CuviStream& GPU stream ID for execution

Image Type Support

Input Output
8uC1 8uC1
8uC3 8uC3
16uC1 16uC1
16uC3 16uC3
32fC1 32fC1
32fC3 32fC3


Input Image Size: 400x300
Rotated at Angle: 15.3 Size: 467x397
Rotated at Angle: 90 Size: 303x401


CuviImage src, dst;
CuviStatus s = CUVI_SUCCESS;
s = src.create(ipath, CUVI_LOAD_IMAGE_COLOR);
if (s != CUVI_SUCCESS)	printf("\nImage load Error: %d", s);
//Perform Rotation
s = cuvi::geometryTransforms::rotateNoCrop(src, dst, 15.2);
cuvi::io::saveImage(dst, opath);